What do I need? Honestly it has been a great year for me... I really cannot complain about 2015, so what better way to close the year than with the traditional Secret SanTAY!

When it comes to video games, I think I have most of the Wii U games I wanted except for that Bayonetta 2 that keeps getting away from me. Regarding the 3DS… I’m certain that I have all the games I wanted to buy this year (although that new Pokémon Mystery Dungeon game looks quite fun).

Lately I’ve been using my slightly less dated macbook for gaming, I mean I can play Half Life 2 without a hitch! Meaning I can run lesser indie games! And honestly I’ve been looking for games like Undertale, you know titles that offer a unique experience. So this would be a great idea to catch up on old indie titles :P I’ll let you pick them since there have been so many… If you need help, then go ask some of my closer mates, they will probably point you towards the right direction.

In case you want to buy some video game related stuff, my favorite franchises are:

Kirby: I’m digging a Kirby shirt I saw once, it was just a pink shirt with his face
Pokémon: There was this gorgeous Goomy/Sliggma/Goodra at the Pokémon section of NWS, sadly it was a ladies cut T.T
Super Mario Bros.: Hrmm… not much really… it could be one of those 30th anniversary shirts, but probably the red one that is not so common.
Banjo-Kazooie: Not gonna be picky on that one ^^
Yo-Kai Watch: Anything Jibanyan/Baddinyan.
Cuphead: Just like BK, not going to be picky about that one either.
Yoshi: I love Yoshi… can I really complain about him?
Zelda: I do love me the art of Tri Force Heroes, and of course Wind Waker, if you get me anything Twilight Princess I WILL KEEL YOU!
Animal Crossing: Hrmm... Their winter stuff is amazing!


And last but not least…

Mother/Earthbound: I’d go crazy for whatever you can get related to the Mother series.


Shirt size? M. Just avoid dull colors and anything in the black/grey/white tones. Hoodie Size? L. Plz no hats, my mane needs to be free.

Soundtracks are always welcome in Casa de Nacho, and books related to video games and music in video games are my favorites (Hint: I have no books here in Miami, all of them are abandoned at my old place).