Hello fellow TAYers! I'm going to start this post in a similar manner of the TAY Movie Club (with the permission of your beloved Zarnyx [I know she's cool with it])

Hello friends, a moment of your time if I may.
The other night, a couple of cool kids hit upon a brilliant idea. This is first and foremost a video game website, yes? But you know how we are around these TAY parts. We're a bunch of good people who share other interests as well. TV, movies, music, PHOTOGRAPHY...whatever the case may be!

There ya go! Better ain't it?! The magic of basic HTML editing huh!?

So a Photography Club for TAY, or PhoTAYgraphy Club if you don't mind the pun =) made by TAY for TAY (and to be shared with the World!)

I know there are some cool cats around here that enjoy photography, may it be in a professional matter or just for the love of capturing the moment, so I thought the other night, "maybe we should start a Photography Club, so with the help of Zarnyx, I just shouted her the idea of a club dedicated for sharing tips, tricks, techniques, equipment, etc. and clearly sharing and commenting photography.


This could be presented in many different ways, either choose a theme per week, where we start shooting or gathering pictures related to the theme and a week later we all post them in the respective thread; or we could just let an author take the reins and start sharing his/her photos and have an instant feedback about what was posted. Also there would be the talk for other matters related with photography, and even tell stories through photography.

I know there are other communities and pages that already do this type of stuff, but some of them have grown so big that many of the pictures are lost between threads, so this is a chance for us to express ourselves and have that moment under the spotlight for something we are passionate about!

So feel free and comment about this idea, or if you have any suggestions for the themes, rules, formatting, etc. go on and share them, if this catches on we might start up next Monday =)