Nach Schwartzenberg (Because I needed a last name)S

Hey Hey Hey if you found this place it probably means that you are lost, so let me comfort you with some coffee, or maybe some green tea?

Well you know this is one of the four corners of the internet, this is the Weird corner of the internet where everything collapses and forms a bulk of nonsense and bulky text... just like a circus only without accidents! (too soon? =/) Well as I said before, it is the corner numero uno of the five corners of the internet, because we all know that the internet is shaped like a pentagon, come on do your research! don't be a slacker, I'll wait around here while you finish your research... =)

[plays circus music]

So you say you can't find how the internet is shaped? well shame on you my friend!

I will explain a little what I do around here, it's no secret I'm the official hipster from TAY, a title that I gave myself, and caught up very fast because Zarnyx wanted to hide her true hipsterness, so what does she do... yeah point at the new guy! Well Z at least I don't hide behind clear curtains you knooow!!! or maybe i do but but... BLERGH! it is not worth arguing with you =)

So where was I? oh yeah so Actually I have only two responsibilities around TAY and one is shared with O-Deck:

  • The newly stylized PhO-TAYgrphy Club, AKA The Unofficial Amateur Photography Club of Kinja! (this is the one shared with O-Deck, didn't you catch it in the name? it's so obvious!).
  • New Leaf Chronicles, where I take a few pictures of anything Animal Crossing Related and create a universe, an exaggerated and funny (read unfunny) universe.
  • And also I do the daily blip reminding the mayors of New Leaf of the tasks they should always do!
  • I did start a Music Monday post, but as TUT can tell you... Mondays and Music don't mix well.

For the moment I don't have any rivalries around TAY. Maybe Lum-Lum... Hehe just kidding Lumi =)

Neryl should be the one held responsible for making me stay around TAY (and for giving me idea that I should write this ConTAYct profile that it is now way longer that I expected) until Z took me under her hipster wing and made me love TAY even more, TUT... you did nothing, except you are the one that actually gave me my first reply in TAY, I will always hold on tight to those beautiful words you said to me...

"Added to the list"

How you said Added won me... actually you are the one responsible for all this madness... so here is my thanks to you!

So yeah... this will be my ConTAYct profile for the time being... it will get some changes in the future... and yeah that picture above has nothing to do with this, I liked it, and it will work as a placeholder while I get my drawing skills on. As I always pester you guys with my gratitude I will do so here again, cause this is MY room and these are MY rules! Thanks for making TAY the best place in all of the Internets =) smileys and stars for y'all!

Nach Schwartzenberg (Because I needed a last name)